Budgeting For Android App Development

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Last week we revisited the nagging question that lies at the heart of the mobile app industry: “How much does it

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cost to develop a mobile app?” Bearing in mind that the answer to that question is and will always be “it depends,” this week we’re going to discuss budgeting strategies for mobile app start-ups, in the hopes that ample preparation will help soften the blow.

There are a couple approaches you can take once you’ve decided your mobile app idea is appealing enough to be taken seriously. Those approaches will rely heavily on the amount of investment capital the app will require. It breaks down like this: either you know how much you’re willing to spend, or you don’t; either you know how much developing the app will cost, or you don’t. In any event, you’ll need to have at least one of those questions answered before proceeding to the development itself.

Your first step, of course, is to have as precise an idea as possible as to what you want your app to do. The key word here is “precise.” You won’t necessarily need to have any grasp of the technical specifications involved, but you should be able to describe in detail exactly what it is your app will accomplish, how you want it to look, etc. At that point you can contact a service like ours and get three free app development quotes before you make a decision as to whether you’re willing to shell out the necessary start-up money.

If your budget falls short of that number, don’t despair. Remember that the development cost of a mobile app is directly proportional to its level of sophistication, so if you can’t afford the development costs for the app you have in mind, try and determine whether you can accomplish the same objectives with a lower level of sophistication.

In any event, services like ours allow you to minimize the initial risks by ensuring that you’ll know exactly how much the app development will cost before you have to spend a single dime. So drop us a line, and we’ll help get you started!

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