Marketing your Android app

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Sometimes it seems as though there’s already an app for just about everything, and without a doubt, the mobile app market is expanding at breakneck speed, and doesn’t appear to be

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slowing down any time soon. What this means for developers like yourself is that it’s more important than ever to focus on the production of a quality product, and just as importantly, to make sure everyone knows about it. Here are a few strategies for ensuring that your own app stands out in a crowd:

  1. Know your market: While we certainly hope you do, it’s unlikely your app will top the 350 million downloads currently boasted by Angry Birds. In order for your app to enjoy more modest success, it’s best to single out a specific customer—and the more specific, the better—and market aggressively to that customer.
  2. Set up a website: For good or bad, reports of the desktop computer’s death have been greatly exaggerated. What this means for you is that your target consumer is probably going to find your app the old fashioned way, by entering search terms on a desktop computer. Before you settle on a name for your app, make sure that the .com domain is available as well. You’ll also want to make sure your website is as sleek and appealing as your app will be.
  3. Be aggressive with social media: There are hundreds of millions of active users on Facebook, and quite few million more on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Set up accounts in your app’s name on all of these, and update them as often as possible. The success of a mobile app depends greatly on word-of-mouth, and the more venues you can use to peddle it, the better. And the good news is that it won’t cost you a nickel.
  4. Check out the forums: These days there are internet forums for just about everything, and it’s worth the time to join those that focus on the need your app will fill. These forums tend to frown on vendors who don’t actually contribute to the conversation, so try and hang around them for a while before you start actively peddling your app.

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